Intuitive and Spiritual Psychological Sessions

with a Registered Psychologist and Registered Clinical Counsellor.



Depth Hypnosis

Sessions are very intuitive and designed to provide some flow to ada pt to each unique individual needs. Framed in a solid foundation of Depth Hypnosis, each session is intuitively guided to provide just the right support, resources, and healing. Integrating Buddhist Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic Psychology, and Energy Psychology as well as various somatic and trauma sensitive approaches to provide deep healing for your mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Accessing the infinite spirits of nature for building resources and healing

Shamanic Sessions are intuitively guided to provide spiritual healing for emotional , mental, and physical illness that have a spiritual aspect that may be causing suffering. After each Shamanic session, we integrate using tools common to the field of psychology to provide a powerful holistic healing. The best of both worlds.


Mind, Body, Spirit Healing

As an empath, energy healing is a part of all the work. It is a natural bonus to the work at Inner Radiance. The Energy Psychology services offered here are my own creation. Using a combination of my background in Psychology and Spiritual explorations, I have discovered a unique way to calm the nervous system as we work on deep inner healing. Using the energy of words, the neuro-linguistic techniques, and Reiki to provide a safe effective method to heal anything from trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, to breaking the repeated patterns we can unconsciously get caught in.


Benefit from my professional experience and wide range of intuitive psychological spiritual services.

My home based office is located in Cochrane, Alberta which is just outside of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

I offer distance healing work either via online or phone which provides the same powerful depth to healing and increases accessibility.

Session fees are $185 for 75 minutes and I provide an official receipt for insurance reimbursement (currently for Alberta Residents).