Spiritual Psychology

I have been on my own healing journey for, what feels like, most of my life. Growing up in an early childhood of chaos and trauma has lead me to commit myself to healing the layers of hurt that interfered with my connection with my true nature. This journey led me to a wide variety of healing modalities and therapy in hopes to the deep healing that I craved. As I explored my personal healing, I found traditional talk therapy was no longer feeling helpful and that I wasn't able to access the depth I knew was possible.  My own healing path turned to more spiritual approaches and I found the healing I craved yet often experienced practitioners inexperienced with the complexities of trauma.

This combination of my personal healing journey, has lead me to commit myself to the creation of this unique spiritual work. The result is something that I am extremely proud of and can be a powerful method of healing. 

I feel that we are not meant to do this type of work on our own. Our wounds are very often relationally based and it is important to heal in relationship. As a therapist and another human being on this path, I am a committed support and ally on your healing journey. I often found that I could only go as deep as the therapist had gone with themselves and I value this in my own life as I continue to live my life to support my own healing. 

I believe strongly in the mind, body, spirit connection and how this impacts our life as well as our healing. My personal gifts include the ability to provide a safe, caring, and non-judgemental space that are necessary for the healing practice. I believe that everyone has innate healing capacities within themselves and my role is to assist in accessing your own internal wisdom and healing power.

My professional qualifications and credentials include:

- Registered Provisional Psychologist

- Reiki Master and registered with the Canadian Reiki association

- Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

- Shamanic Practictioner (with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies)

- 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher

My personal qualifications:

- I am a registered animal lover. In my home, you will find a border collie who is aging gracefully and two rambunctious, mischievous kittens. 

- I love to read and learn. My dream is to own a used bookstore with an counselling office in the back. I am often diving into a new modality to deepen my personal and professional practice. Currently, I am interested in social anthropology of religion, particularly Celtic religion. 

- I am an aspiring fibre artist. I deeply love knitting, spinning, art quilting, and weaving. Another dream I have is owning a sheep farm to have my own backyard yarn supply.

- Apart from my hobbies, I live a healthy and active life. I can often be found in nature, creating healthy snacks in my kitchen, and visiting with close friends and family or traveling....I have been to lots of places :)