Healing our inner worlds in order to shine our light to heal our Earth

Spiritual Counselling for deep inner healing. Inner Radiance Healing uses a combination of Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Psychology, Shamanic Psychology, and Depth Hypnosis. Using an intuitive intregrative counselling approach to heal karmic patterns that continue to cycle into your life, relationships, and health. Freedom from these patterns is possible using this model of skilled,

safe therapy. 


"Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity."





Most people find significant healing of their presenting problem in as little as five sessions.

1) )First one or two sessions consist of an emotional biography. Through conversation and insight inquiry we look at a thorough history to determine origins of patterns that hold us back.

2) Second session is designed to build resources and begin to experience the depth of altered state work. We will journey together to find that part of yourself that only has your highest good as it soul intent. 

3) Third session we dive into our shadow parts that hold our cycling karmic patterns, using a blend of holistic modalities.


Depth healing of our shadow 

Transpersonal psychology is a type of spiritual psychology that integrates spiritual aspects of the human experience within the framework of clinical psychology and modern neuroscience. The transpersonal encompasses the part of human experiences that extend beyond the individual self to include the larger aspects of humankind, culture, and our natural world.  

Through Transpersonal Psychology we work to explore the deeper meanings of life and what it means to be human. We work to explore deeper levels of consciousness in order to access spiritual states, creativity, love, and wisdom.


Finding our spiritual root to suffering

Shamanic Psychology is the practice of accessing energetic and non-physical realms for the benefit of healing. Just like we have a physical illness, we can have types of spiritual and energetic illness. There are three types of illness in the shamanic view that can hold us back from healing: Power Loss, Soul Loss, and Energetic intrusions. Shamanic Psychology is a mystical practice of natural ancient healing combined with scientific knowledge to optimize mind, body, and spirit healing.


Finding our True Nature

We use a healing approach called Depth Hypnosis which combines four different powerful healing systems to support individuals in deep healing of long term karmic patterns. The combination of Shamanic healing, Transpersonal Psychology, Integrative Energy medicine, Hypnosis, and Buddhist philosophy are used to identify and heal. Radiating the light of our true nature from inside out. 


Calming clarity

Words have energy. In this type of energy psychology, we use an inuitive type of neuro-linguistic approach to carefully choice the right words in the right way in order to access the deeper healing that is naturally in every being. Combined with the use of other energy therapy tools, we have developed a unique way of accessing the common developmental wounds that can get stuck in our energetic systems.